Lise Nørholm
Skt. Annægade 45, 1.
DK-1416 København K.

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© Lise Nørholm 2011
Design: Random Gardens

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Statens Kunstråd



Lise Nørholm uses available words and pictures plucked from e.g. radio, tv, books and the art scene. It is a form of diction where one word or figuration leads to another, generating in this pure composition; and the length of a sentence defines an area on the surface. By taking one link at a time the picture quickly finds its own legality, with an inbuilt distance to and conversion of the shown. The text is readable but can also be perceived purely visually as a dispersion of colour, ornament and construction. It is both an orientation around the surface and a circling about the picture as an object where framing, format, presentation and context have importance.

The work process is logistical. The material exists already out there. And through a peculiar filter of general enthusiasm and idiosyncratic, existential considerations the matter is rearranged into differently effected contexts; a form of visual reflective map for the daily arrangement of reality.

Since 2007 Lise Nørholm has collaborated with Ellen Hyllemose and Camilla Nørgård (Eliscavator). It is an ongoing process with collective decisions, always regarding a given space or context. The work is a kind of empiric practice, inspired by a world outside the art world; in the clash of this familiar matter, they play with codex and mix its connected associations.

Lise Nørholm